Hi, I'm Cold Heat, from Fort Worth, Texas. I do hip hop with a little of horror core twist. I Implement street and political raps in one. 

Starting out falling in with rap since I was young and took it serious when I got out of high school. I got with a group and started making a name for myself, I always had a passion to spit ill. I left rap and came back, and released my first mixtape last year Resurrection Of Classick. I also performed at the biggest Inpendent Event of the year SXSW for Coast 2 Coast DJs. I received a lot of love and also performed out of state for the first time. I continue to strive to let the world know Cold Heat...

I'm taking my music serious and got new music to drop. I will be shooting a music video soon, dropping more mixtapes and an EP album very soon. To stay in touch and get exclusive news, join my mailing list to be notified of upcoming events. Artist that want to make music with me, just send me an email. 

Thanks for Your Support!!!