Bringing The Gap 

This a classic song to me, I had to put this out it goes to hard not to. My producer from Dallas, Tx blessed me with this infamous beat I had to use. The beat put me in the mood…

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What's Love Got To Do With It? 




I been away from the game about a year, losing some passion behind my craft. I still got bangers I need the masses to hear even if I never make it in this rap game. I…

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Cooking Up Heat!! 

The World Is Divided By GREED!!

The way things are going in the world today, I had to drop this. I been holding this and it's perfect timing. I always speak what is on my mind and right now, it's…Read more

I'm Back At it.

This is a picture from the video of a song, I'm featured on. I will be doing more visuals. Hope you like the new look.

Dark Thoughts EP is Coming!! 

"This the Tracklisting...I feel I should give you another warm up song to get you ready for my Halloween release. This song is called " Tired" and at the time I recorded this I just witnessed how an emcee…Read more

Murderin' Verses Is What I Do!!! 

It's been a minute..I got to keep ya'll informed..Mixtape hasn't dropped yet. It's coming, I just don't have a date! I still got still heat I'm holding. Here go one of my favorites I slay this verse for my homie…Read more

Feeling Animated!! 

The weather is changing and so is my mood of writing. The colder it gets in Texas the colder my rhymes get. I turned 30 years old 8-11-15. This marked a new adventure in life, In many ways I feel…Read more