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What's Love Got To Do With It?  




I been away from the game about a year, losing some passion behind my craft. I still got bangers I need the masses to hear even if I never make it in this rap game. I still love the arts and crafts and I show it on this song. No matter how anyone takes this they can not deny that I can't spit. Hailing from a small southern city deep in the heart of North Texas, I still got that Midwest Chopper flow.

Cooking Up Heat!!  

The World Is Divided By GREED!!

The way things are going in the world today, I had to drop this. I been holding this and it's perfect timing. I always speak what is on my mind and right now, it's not enough radio rappers with a real image. Female emcees is on the rise, I give you my light, my dark, my sadness and my mind. Listen and download this real spit...

I'm Back At it.  

This is a picture from the video of a song, I'm featured on. I will be doing more visuals. Hope you like the new look.

Dark Thoughts EP is Coming!!  

"This the Tracklisting...I feel I should give you another warm up song to get you ready for my Halloween release. This song is called " Tired" and at the time I recorded this I just witnessed how an emcee can get treated if they are not a radio rapper. I took that anger and laid it on a track, as a rapper it is my easiest way to vent..This beat was done by my long time producer MC "Mozart" Davis, he always give me beats I can murder..

Dark Thoughts EP single- Shady Killers available for Download  

This EP is solely produced by MC " Mozart" Davis..I get really dark on this EP, it is strictly a horrocore album. This is for the people that listen to Brotha Lynch Hung, Three 6 Mafia, Tech N9ne, Twisted Insane. On this track, I get insane with my bro. SicNoize DNice an upcoming Horrocore rapper out of Arlington Texas. The beat makes you want to go Killer. For anybody that know me, know this is a part of my music. And this is the perfect time for me to drop this..i feel this will be the break away I need. To all the Dark Lovers enjoy!!

Without The FUNK! There wouldn't be COLD HEAT!  

This is up close and very personal. Why is this an Unusual Twist for many, it's me going all the way in. More turnt up, than my last mixtape. The mixtape cover says it all, like me or not, I am Cold Heat a female emcee, reppin' Fort Worth, Tx. Funky Town aka Murda Worth!!! I Love my city, this album is for you, without the Funk, There would be no Cold Heat...Here go a track off the Mixtape...Enjoy and subscribe!!! Peace.. Mixtape will be dropping by the end of September on

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