This is one of my favorite tracks to date. Something new, to let people know I still got it. Produced by MC Davis!! Another Banga


See I'ma Monster causing Mayhem
Menace to ya Mental
Look how fast they Scram
Wrecking it, not Accidental
Want me to keep it Confidential
This composition is Warcraft
Just cause i'm a female, don't mean i get a pass
Yet and still I murk Tracks
Half Woman, Half Beast , Half Cannibal
I body emcees by the handful
This heat you can't handle
Building a fan base, That's Substantial
Always making moves, Financial
Flew to Kansas, Got it poppin'
They wanna know when my cd droppin'
So, gangsta wit' it they thought I was from Compton
Failure is not an option, small part of the plan
And I cut through the game, like Edward ScissorHands.....
Preparing for War
No, they not hard as us
Fight until I see blood shed, like Spartacus
It really don't take much to make me Buss
A lot of rappers don't make Sense
All they do is Cuss
And I laugh at such Brain Capacity
Sometime I feel, it ain't a part of your Anatomy
I know where you went, Dope Boy Academy
And what you do to beats, is a Tragedy
You got the Audacity
To say I ain't good enough
When your Audio Sucks, you just in it for the Bucks
I don't need no good luck
Just a beat to devour, and some cd's to press up
Not hard to impress ya, Are you feeling the pressure
From the strength I hold, I'm so valuable
Like a pot of Gold
Breakin' barriers and Molds
I'ma rare breed of an Emcee
Diamond shined up, other rappers are Feces
In Danger from species, call they BG
Barely Gangsta, rarely Thank Ya
This is how I bang Ya
See, my tongue is a hatchet
When it comes to these rappers
I'ma be the main attraction, known for snappin'
Mind scatterin', Shatterin', Despicable Patterns
Mind scatterin', Shatterin', Despicable Patterns
Mind scatterin', Shatterin', Despicable Patterns


Lyrics are Coprighted....