Relationship song because I needed to get it off my chest!!


Verse 1:
I can admit I Love Ya, right now i miss ya
But I had to end it, he had too many issues
Can I make it official, ima be okay
Quit tryin' to block my sun
Don't need no side shade
Don't come at me sideways
It was never about the money
Tryin' to play me like a dummy
Slippin' on the truth, I see you is clumsy
Think it's a joke, never been funny
Ha Ha Ha, now your nose is runny
What else more you want from me?
I don't have an explanation, you blew all my expectations
Makin' it so complicated, But, I ain't obligated
To give you no conversation, Too much of my time was waisted
Holdin' on tryin' to be patient, I know, I could have done better
Sit back and read this letter, And It say, and it say,That....

Hook comes in...

Verse 2:
Let you meet my family, they thought you cared for me
I gave you my heart, And you tore it so carefully
Kept disrespectin' me, Talkin' all loud, Huh!
I did my best to love you, Don't want me around, Huh!
Well you got your wish, You had your chance
We just didn't make it, I understand, No prior engagements
No Engagement
Was meant to happen, we had the attraction
But everything else was lackin'
I got to go forward, no goin' backwards
Made up my mind, that your not the one for me
That we not meant to be, with this toxic chemistry
Can't go on, cause I'll be sick
If I sit back and start to Reminisce Like....

Hook comes in.